Half Baked || Athena & Erica

After her rough talk with Tessa, Athena was exhausted. Tessa was right, she was too much of a coward to tell, not to mention she gave her word that she wouldn’t. And she didn’t really see a reason to tell unless things really got going. However she felt herself being weary of Erica as well. She didn’t know what Erica’s powers were, but she didn’t want to be attacked by them if it was just Erica and her at the house. Despite her warnings not to, she also knew she had to give Erica a chance. She wasn’t the type not to after all. Besides it would help her worry less about Tessa for a bit. She sighed as she put her finishing touches on the drawing of herself and Zach, it was due today and she planned to drop it off on her way to Erica’s place.

As she gripped her bag and everything she made her way towards Erica’s and made a mental note in her mind to be strong. Tessa was using her, yes, she knew this Tessa was, but the Tessa she had seen and known, was someone different. She wasn’t going to fight Tessa on things right now, she was going to let Tessa do what she liked, after all she couldn’t change Tessa’s mind, and she wasn’t planning too. It was Tessa’s decision. She shook her head giving herself a clear mind as she knocked on Erica’s door lightly. “Erica? I’m here.” She spoke softly and smiled. Maybe this would work out fine. The worse that Erica could do was kill her, and she trusted Erica enough to not do that. She had a suspicion she was invited over because of wanting to use her power, but she didn’t know for sure and wasn’t going to call Erica out on it even if it was true. Athena liked being useful to people, but hurting others wasn’t something she was honestly willing to do for no reason. 

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